Rising 8th through 12th graders are invited to apply to our Club Z Institute.

The Club Z Institute offers a multi-faceted education on Israel, Jewish identity, and Zionism, which grounds modern-day headlines in centuries-old history. Our curriculum explores a range of narratives on Israel and Zionism and addresses contemporary anti-Semitism by delving into its evolution. Club Z’s classroom extends beyond a physical space—we utilize significant real-world examples as teaching opportunities. Our teens participate in events and are active at community rallies that challenge them to become confident and effective leaders.

The institute consists of a Regional Fall Opening Retreat, 13-15 educational meetings, a National Conference over MLK weekend, social activities, and community events. Institute educational sessions are held twice a month throughout the school year.

The Institute’s Israel Education Program focuses on building a comprehensive understanding of Jewish history as it relates to Zionism, the Jewish connection to the land, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and modern-day antisemitism. We provide an accurate historical perspective and give teens the tools to address antisemitism and anti-Israel sentiment at their schools, in their communities, and beyond.