Antisemitism is growing on campuses across the country, from kindergarten through graduate school. A Club Z survey of Jewish teenagers found that half of the students do not wear items that easily identify them as Jews in public. For American Jewish teens, Israel and Zionism is inextricably linked to their Jewish identity. Manifestations of antisemitism span not only classic tropes of Jew-hatred (e.g. “Jews control the world”), but also include expressions of demonization and delegitimization of the Jewish State (e.g. “Zionism is racism” and “IDF soldiers are baby killers”).

Schools have a duty to protect students of all backgrounds, to provide a safe learning environment, and to teach fair and factual curricula.

To guarantee an education without fear of harassment, intimidation, or violence, and combat bigotry and antisemitism in our public schools, Club Z Teens calls on the relevant government bodies to adopt the Jewish Students Bill of Rights.