Rising 8th through 12 graders are invited to apply for Club Z. Club Z Institute is a rigorous academic program geared for the best and the brightest students who are interested in learning with a cohort of accomplished and promising teens.

The nuanced Israel Education focuses on building a comprehensive understanding of Jewish history as it relates to Zionism, Jewish connection to the Land and the Arab-Israeli conflict. Our goal is to provide accurate historical perspective and give the teens tools to address the anti-Israel sentiment.


  1. Members are Jewish (any way you define it) teens ages of 13 to 18.
  2. Members express an interest in Israel Advocacy and Zionism.
  3. Members participate in the program fully, including opening retreat at the beginning of the program and the educational sessions per school year.
  4. Members in 9-12 grades participate in the Club Z National Conference.
  5. Upon graduation from the first year program selected members are encouraged to apply for the second and third years of the Institute.
  6. Upon the completion the second year, selected members are invited to join the Teen Board.
  7. Club Z’s exclusive 14-day summer Israel trip takes teens on a one-of-a-kind exploratory journey through the indigenous land of the Jewish people.

Membership is only $250 annually!

The membership fee includes all of the Institute official meetings, workshops, lectures, movie nights and field trips.


Opening Retreat: Sept 6-8th 2019

The Annual retreat is filled with informal activities and engaging discussions that will inspire and motivate teens to be proud Jews and Zionists.

Workshop Sessions

Focus on Jewish connection to the Land of Israel, provides historical context to modern day headlines, and serves as a welcoming place for Jewish teens. Meets are 1-2/months during school year.

National Conference: MLK Weekend

The conference brings together teens from across the United States for a weekend of learning, debate, discovery, skill building and fun.

Hands On Leadership Development

Club Z has a Teen Board so the participants shape their own experiences and learning.
College level Fellowships are offered in diverse areas of interest.


After completing 2 years of Club Z institue, select teens that demonstrate commitment to learning and leadership, are invited to apply to serve on the Club Z Teen Board.

Teen Board members receive special training on Board Governance, Fundraising, Public Speaking, Group Facilitation, Coalition Building and Event Planning.

Under mentorship of the Club Z staff, Teen Board members will create and organize social events for Club Z members as well as Community events, and serve on the membership admissions committee.