(San Carlos, CA – Thursday, February 18th, 2021)

Today, Club Z is releasing an important video that will help teens and students identify antisemitism, disguised as anti-Zionism.
“Six accusations made against the Jews and Israel” discusses six different antisemitic claims that have been used throughout the centuries to persecute Jews and that are now being applied to the Jewish state, Israel.
As we see an increase of so called “anti-Zionism”, it concerns us that many anti-Zionist accusations can be traced back to the same antisemitic tropes that have been circling around for centuries. In order for us to fight back, we must learn to identify these accusations and why they are antisemitic. This video provides a brief history and modern-day examples of these false accusations in just five minutes!
We created this video to be especially effective for the “YouTube” and “Instagram” generation. This new approach to educational videos will grasp the attention of a young audience while educating important terms and historical content — all in just five minutes.

Masha Merkulova: “As a start-up that goes against the grain and disrupts the status quo, our program has been teaching teens for years how to identify the many forms of Jew hatred. Through this video, we are now able to offer the larger community the tools to understand that Jew hatred can be disguised in many forms, like antisemitism or antizionism, but, once you remove all the wrapping, it is simply, hatred of Jews.

We must call out Jew hatred continuously and consistently. This video will help us do just that”.

Club Z creates a network of educated and articulate activists with a commitment to Zionism who advocate for Israel. Club Z was born out of a need to create an ongoing, comprehensive, and honest Jewish education program for the unaffiliated Jewish teens in the San Francisco Bay Area. Today, Club Z is a national organization for Jewish teens, raising modern-day Zionists who are articulate and knowledgeable leaders.