When a disturbing antisemitic incident happens at a student’s high school, we address it together.

Antisemitic incidents are becoming a daily occurrence— from swastikas drawn on their papers or in front of their classrooms, to being subjected to slurs such as “She is a Jew, let’s burn her”, to academic indoctrination and discrimination.

Most often, incidents are treated as “an isolated incident.” At Club Z, we understand that antisemitism is a systemic problem and we are ready to address it. Unfortunately, there is no systemic response to the problem. One of the major reasons is because each instance is being treated as “an isolated incident” and each school, each administrator is left up to their own devices to deal with it.If you seek assistance from our professionals and support from our network, please complete the form below. Students, parents, and community members are all encouraged to contact us.

Please use this form every time you witness or are subjected to anti-Semitism. Whether something is happening outside of the class (for example, sighting a swastika or other anti-semitic symbol) or in your history class and has to do with Israel (for example, the demonization of Israel) please fill out this form.