Shine a light on Anti-Semitism

Documenting Anti-Semitism and Responses To It In High Schools.

  • INSTRUCTIONS: Please use this form to document incidents of Anti-Semitism that you have either personally experienced or witnessed. If you have friends who told you about their experiences, please encourage them to fill out the form. If they are not willing, please document the incident yourself and indicate that on the form.

    You can submit multiple reports. Please use this tool every time you see anti- Semitism -- don't let it slide, don't let it become "normal". Together, we can change this terrible trend.

    Please take pictures or record video of the incident whenever possible and send it with subject line: "High school anti-semitism" to

    ALL ANSWERS ARE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL. We ask for your contact info so we can clarify information, should there be any questions, and/or offer our support.

    For majority of Jewish teens in public high schools, being confronted with anti-semitic incidents is a daily occurrence. The episodes vary: from swastikas being drawn on their papers or in front of their classrooms, to being subjected to slurs such as “She is a Jew, let’s burn her”, to having being bullied in the class during social studies about Israel, to cyber-bullying. Unfortunately, there is no systemic response to the problem. One of the major reasons is because each instance is being treated as “an isolated incident” and each school, each administrator is left up to their own devices to deal with it.

    We must create a user-generated database that will provide a comprehensive picture of what it is like to be a Jewish teen in the United States, in a public school when it comes to anti-Semitism.

    We must created a systemic approach and put policies into place to deal with it in an effective way. The first step is to collect the data.


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