Report A Concern

For majority of Jewish teens in public high schools, being confronted with anti-semitic incidents is a daily occurrence. The episodes vary: from swastikas being drawn on their papers or in front of their classrooms, to being subjected to slurs such as “She is a Jew, let’s burn her”, to having being bullied in the class during social studies about Israel, to cyber-bullying. Unfortunately, there is no systemic response to the problem. One of the major reasons is because each instance is being treated as “an isolated incident” and each school, each administrator is left up to their own devices to deal with it.

We must create a user generated database that will provide a comprehensive picture of what is like to be a Jewish teen in a public school when it comes to anti-Semitism.

We must created a systemic approach and put policies into place to deal with it in an effective way. The first step is to collect the data.

The form is very simple, it’s meant for the teens to fill out, but of course, parents can too. Please use it every time you are witnessing or are subjected to anti-Semitism. Whether something is happening outside of the class, like you are seeing swastikas or other anti-semitic graphics, or in your history class and has to do with Israel – please fill out the form and let us know.