For Parents

Give the Gift of Opportunity to Your Teen

As a parent, you know that our society demands a lot of youth these days. While dealing with the pressures of school and social groups, teens are expected to make mature decisions with limited life experience. Club Z is by your side to help Jewish parents raise confident, engaged and well-prepared teenagers. Now, more than ever, our programs provide innovative opportunities and a stress-free environment that not only allows teens to customize their own experience but that also grows with them to accommodate their changing needs.


  1. Club Z aims to help Jewish teens develop critical thinking with sense of justice and of Jewish identity through the lens of Zionism.

  2. By offering teens to participate in Israel’s story as a modern day Zionists, Jewish culture, history and practice, and introducing new ways to help them apply Jewish principles to contemporary life.

  3. By bringing together Jewish teens from diverse communities to share experiences that build character as they build friendships for life.

  4. By providing safe and enriching programs fostering independent thinking and leadership abilities that will help prepare them for often hostile environment directed at Israel on college campuses and even in their high schools.

  5. ​Club Z is a family affair!  Zionist Parents Association, or ZPA, is a vital part of the program and is a big reason of why the teens stay in the program throughout their entire high school years. By watching the adults be actively engaged with the organization and contribute to the bigger cause, young participants are inspired to learn and be active themselves.

  6. As an added bonus, parents are able to spend meaningful time with the teens, in a positive and encouraging environment.


The Club Z Institute offers comprehensive and nuanced Israel education that focuses on Jewish connection to the Land of Israel, provides historical context to modern day headlines, and serves as a welcoming place for Jewish teens to discuss their ideas and challenges with being Jewish in today’s America. The program is academic in nature, and, at the same time, includes a lot of informal education. Teens are presented with opportunities to develop life skills, greater self-awareness and improve self-confidence.

Rising 8th – 12th graders are eligible for nomination. Each year a new cohort is recruited. Each cohort has their own educational curriculum and a project which they will be working on together and present at the Year End Celebration. First year covers understanding of Jewish history, Jewish connection to the Land of Israel, basics of Arab-Israeli conflict and explores modern state of Israel through culture and politics.

Subsequent years build on what was previously learned, by going into more detail, developing a deeper understanding of the concepts, and providing leadership and advocacy skills.

The cohorts also serve as a support group for the members who might be facing challenges with anti-semitism in their respective high schools.

All graduates of the 3- year program will be offered various internship opportunities. One to two outstanding participants who have demonstrated their commitment to learning and leadership potential will be offered highly selective Fellowship.


Club Z is possible because of supportive and committed parents. The ZPA, Zionist Parent Association, is responsible for logistical side of the program, and hosting family holiday events, such as Rosh Hashana Picnic, Hanukkah Party, Yom Yerushalaim/ Lag B’Omer Bon Fire. Each family is warmly welcomed and encouraged to participate.