Meet Jennifer

Jennifer Karlan is a senior at Pacific Palisades High School. Looking to continue to enrich her Jewish identity and education, Jennifer joined Club Z when she was a sophomore. Jennifer has grown into being a true leader for the Jewish people and an advocate for Zionism.

Ms. Karlan has contributed original content in social media, op-ed writing, and public speaking events. Ms. Karlan was recently asked to speak at a public demonstration against antisemitism on college campuses. Jennifer stood up in front of an audience of 150 people and delivered a speech that sent chills to all present and beyond. Ms. Karlan is also a fellow at The Lawfare Project, where she creates vlogs that celebrate Zionism and combat antisemitism. Jennifer was a featured speaker at the #EndJewHatred rally in the Bay Area that was able to de-platform convicted terrorist, Leila Khalid, from appearing over zoom to students at SFSU.

Q&A With Jennifer

1. If you could change anything about Jewish education in America what would it be?

Jewish Education does many great things, but it often fails to teach how critical and fundamental our land is to our people. We need to instill the idea that we, the children of Israel, are indigenenous people. We must enforce a strong connection between Jews and the land of Judea from a young age.

2. What is one thing you have learned at Club Z that you will be taking with you?

One key idea I have learned is “Jews are from Judea”. It so concisely expresses our roots as a people in the land.

3. What is one thing that surprised you during your membership with Club Z?

What surprised me about Club Z was that it’s a place of people of all different religious and political affiliations.

4. Aren’t you scared to come out as a Zionist and how it will affect your professionalism?

I’m not, and perhaps that comes out of naïveté, but I stand by who I am. I think a life bereft of integrity is not a life worth living. And if some people don’t want to hire me because of who I am, that wouldn’t be a place I’d want to work in anyway. I think the tides of history will reveal the side of justice, and I want to be on that side.

5. What is one piece of advice you would give to a Jewish teen?

You are, by virtue of existence, a miracle. The fact your ancestors survived everything until this moment defies odds. So take pride in it. Bask in it. And never be afraid to be who you are, because you are nothing short of a miracle.

6. Why does it mean to be a part of Jewish history?

To be part of Jewish history means to hold on steadfast to the truth, to not let anyone take what is rightfully yours: your history, your pride, your people.

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