“BREAK FREE” Celebrating Zionism, Justice and Action

In an era when Jewish teens are reporting an all-time high of Jew-hatred in schools and on social media that targets their Zionist identity, Club Z, a teen Zionist movement, in partnership with Combat Antisemitism Movement, welcomes you to join the national Summit, “Break Free,” celebrating Zionism, Justice, and Action.

Come hear from leading voices on Zionism, antisemitism, and advocacy and learn how you can be part of a movement to liberate Zionism and the Jewish people from accusations that are contributing to the Jew-hatred today.

Inspiring Speakers

The Club Z conference is THE place where modern-day luminaries of Zionism come together to inspire the new generation of proud and articulate Zionist leaders.

Past speakers include Pastor Dumisani Washington; indigenous rights activist Ryan Bellerose; human rights attorney Brooke Goldstein; university professors Tammi Benjamin-Rossman; Club Z Director of Education Naya Lekht; activist and content creator Chloe Simone Valdary; and scholar of Arabic culture, Professor Mordechai Kedar.

“There is no Jewish people without Israel. Zionism is our word. We define our history. It is time we take back our narrative, and reclaim our identity once and for all.”

-Jennifer Karlan, Club Z teen


Line up will include a keynote speaker and 2 panels:
Activists Panel – Break Free: the fight for justice

Teens Panel – Jewish Teens in Action