Club Z status update regarding the coronavirus COVID-19

The COVID-19 experience is affecting us all. From coast to coast, we’ve been required to change our routines and disrupt our plans. Everyone is living with some level of fear, anxiety, and concern. While we do not know where the next few weeks will take us, we will navigate this new reality together and emerge stronger than ever. Safety and health are and will remain our greatest priority.

This new reality will not stop our community from thriving; rather, it will empower us to face challenges head-on and provide more opportunities to learn and grow. At Club Z, we teach our young leaders about the story of Jewish survival, liberation, and courage. Our teens carry this legacy when facing crises on campus and every single day.

In the coming days, we will introduce several educational initiatives that engage, support, and strengthen our community.

    • Club Z for Teens: Club Z Institute is moving our programming online and meeting more regularly to serve students now out of school.
    • Club Z for Adults: For years, the parents in our community have asked for adult education opportunities. We are answering this call by launching an inaugural program for adult learning with exclusive seminars and briefings from our expert educators on key issues facing our teens and wider pro-Israel community.
    • Club Z Speakers Series: Renowned speakers in our network from around the world will lead seminars on topics ranging from the modern Middle East to fighting the new antisemitism.

This is our time to band together, support one another, and grow our movement.

Wishing everyone good health and strength in the days ahead.